Paulinho Guitarra is instrumentalist, composer, musician and record producer.  He helped to write the history of brazilian music and has regestered his name next to numerous artists, performers and composers of Brazilian Popular Music, among whom: Ed Motta, Bebel Gilberto, Tim Maia, Sidney Magal, Cassiano, Hyldon, Marina Lima, Cláudio Zoli, Cazuza, Gerson King Combo, Sandra de Sá, Paula Lima, Carlos Dafé, Banda Black Rio, Serginho Trombone, Leo Gandelman, Celso Blues Boy and others.

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He started playing professionally at the age of twelve, when in 1967 he created the group “Os Adolescentes”, which came to be known as “one of the best dance groups of clubs of the State of Rio de Janeiro”, winning several awards and festivals.

In 1970 he joined to the band of the, then, King of the soul music Gerson King Combo and soon became the support musician of the great Tim Maia band, with whom he recorded several discs, including the cult favorite albums from the series “Tim Maia rational” (vol. l, ll and lll).

Besides a musician, He is co-author on several songs recorded by him, including ” O Caminho do Bem “, included on the soundtrack of the award-winning movie ” Cidade de Deus “. Still at this time he worked with the singers Cassiano and Carlos Dafé.

He experienced actively of that period of invasion of funk and soul in Brazilian music, the reason of the “title” conferred by Guitar Player Magazine (August 1999): “the creator of Brazilian funk guitar”.

During 80’s he went along with, in concerts and recordings, the singer Marina Lima where he developed the pop language on guitar. Simultaneously, He played with the fluminense band “Alynaskyna” in boom of bands that emerged at that time. He also played with the prestigious singer Bebel Gilberto and recorded the albums ” Burguesia ” and ” Por Aí…” with Cazuza.

In 1991 he recorded his first solo album “Paulinho Guitarra”, of his own compositions and with Latin influences and negroides, whose roots are based on Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Pat Martino, Wes Montgomery, Miles Davis and John Coltrane.


“Fluent improviser who knows the instrument, Paulinho absorbed the languages of the jazz, of the blues and of the contemporary pop” (José Domingos Raffaelli, jazz critic of the newspaper O Globo, 3/15/1993).

Still in the 90′s he played with the artists Claudio Zoli, Celso Blues Boy, Banda Black Rio and Ed Motta, with whom he operates up to the current days and with whom he has ever recorded several albums, including the current “AOR”.

In 2004 he released his second album “Paulinho Guitarra – The Very Very Cool Cool Band” by his own label ‘Very Cool Music’, work which earned great criticisms in the trade press:

“..Modernist instrumental package. .. The laboratory of instrumental music does not close in the crisis. New discs of guitarists .. Paulinho Guitarra (The very cool band, Very Cool Music), …. Musician who has played with Cazuza, Ed Motta, Marina Lima, Bebel Gilberto, Tim Maia and Paula Lima, Paulinho Guitarra, according to Guitar Player Magazine ” creator of Brazilian guitar funk’, advances in tributaries of jazz blues & permeated by the mood of the titles and themes. It’s the cases of the sex life of spiders, which evokes the style of the hiker Henry Mancini, the chacoalhante skeleton Woman, in a pique of surfer guitar and Party of the monkeys at a boogie.” (Tárik de Souza, Jornal do Brazil, 1/31/2005).





“..Musician that is part of Ed Motta’s band and has already played with Tim Maia and Cazuza, among others, Paulinho Guitar shows on his second solo album, “The Very Very Cool Cool Band” (seal Very Cool Music), that besides a fluent soloist He is also a great composer in original jazz, blues and rock. “ (In addition to the Guitar, Antônio Carlos Miguel, Discolândia, O Globo, 12/21/2004).

In 2008 released by his label ‘Very Cool Music’, the album “Trans Space”, with with participation of musicians such as Renato Massa, Serginho Trombone, Kiko Continentino, Richard Giesta and the banjista Tatoo Magdalena.


Currently He works in concerts with the singer Ed Motta in Brazil and in international tours in publicizing the show ‘ AOR ‘. In parallel He works the disclosure of his latest album “Romantic Lovers-Sparkling Guitars From Paulinho Guitar”, described by the journalist Antonio Carlos Miguel as “trail of an imaginary film” due to the illustrative content of the songs.